‘My Best Friend Tinnitus’

It Can Be Done

is this sound familiar to you ?

Tinnitus. Many people say theirs is like the sound you just played. It’s that persistent high pitched screaming only you can hear … and for many people, its 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Sometimes the noise is enough to make you feel you are loosing your sanity. In fact, on a lighter note one could call it “a big fat pain in the ear!”

The title of this e-book, ‘My Best Friend Tinnitus’ may seem like an oxymoron to you, similar to silent scream or living dead. Funny how those oxymoron’s come to the mind of a Tinnitus sufferer!So, the title “My Best Friend Tinnitus”© probably sounds a bit foreign too. But it is true, and it’s a wonderful story of how to enrich your life in the face of Tinnitus-adversity by utilizing a few techniques…and wanting to make the effort to live in peace with this syndrome



Is Tinnitus making you sick?

For many, it is and it will continue to do so unless you get it in control now. When I first was diagnosed with Tinnitus several years ago, I thought I could live with it, but I did want it to end Then abruptly one day it got worse…it started to take control of me and my life. I found that I:

• Worried all the time about work, family, keeping my job,
• Couldn’t sleep…it would wake me up,
• Couldn’t eat … or would eat too much,
• I couldn’t cope with the noises in my head,
• Frequently experienced nervousness and aggression, especially with those that I loved the most.

I also found I wanted to use some “bad habits” as a crutch, especially during times when I let the Tinnitus take control of me. Some of these bad habits I had never considered before as a path to solace until I developed Tinnitus. I thought having a couple of drinks might calm me down, or lighting up might distract me….or telling my family to keep quiet might make the noise go away.

Coming to terms with Tinnitus

It may be of little comfort to you, but experts estimate that approximately 17 % of the world’s population is currently suffering from Tinnitus. If that isn’t enough to worry about, almost 60 % of those who have chronic Tinnitus are dissatisfied with their current therapy. I was one of those 60%.That is what led me to create this site and write a book on coming to terms with Tinnitus.
This book is not one of the countless “how to beat, heal or fight” Tinnitus guides. In fact it couldn’t be, the simple reason being that there is nothing to heal and nothing to fight. Fighting Tinnitus is a futile procedure that will deplete your energy. There is an alternative solution. This is the point I hope to make with my book. The more you read on and the more you absorb and understand, the better your chances will be of accepting and coming to terms with your Tinnitus

Is Tinnitus affecting your day-to-day life?

It can have such varied affects on people. The range of feelings are from mild to severe, from constant to occasional, but nonetheless, it most definitely has had a profound affect on you. Here is a list of some of the affects of Tinnitus:
• Lack of concentration
• Lose of income or job
• Out of control feelings
• Family problems – can’t connect with spouse, kids, parents, siblings
• Fears of everyday triggers, such as using the phone, cold, sounds, lights
• Starting to question your sanity
• Or, all of the above

Are you paying a heavy price for your Tinnitus syndrome? Many are, and it just doesn’t have to be like that at all

YOU are the cure

Perhaps the doctors have told you you’re basically on your own. Or are you? For people with Tinnitus, unfortunately there’s no known pill, no known comprehensive therapy, no known surgery or procedure. There’s none of that for Tinnitus. There is no sedative … it won’t help. No ointment or band-aid fix. And, when your Doctors have exhausted all of the options to rule out things such as tumors, they just say, hmm… I don’t know…come back in a year. But you continue to suffer. You truly will know that you are on your own from here on, so add the word abandoned to that list of feelings.

Now there is a therapy that is KNOWN to work…it comes from within YOU

Good health doesn’t come easy, but most of us take it for granted until we have a health issue. This book will not cure you, but in your mind, it might. That is, if you consider being able to live with it “a cure”…and most of us would. This book offers an alternative solution for Tinnitus sufferers.

If you are suffering from chronic Tinnitus (with or without hearing loss) you have probably been down every one-way road there is in your quest for a cure. That’s it though, a road that leads to dead-ends. There is no cure to get from your doctor. It’s that simple and that complicated. YOU are the cure.

Preaching to the choir in your ears

Oh heck, lets be straightforward here…most days it seems like your Tinnitus is preaching to you, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to. PUT AN END TO THE MADNESS starting today…and you can do just that if you set your mind to doing just that.

You and your body

Ask any doctor, and they will tell you no two people are alike. Your body is a fine tuned instrument, with most of the initial tuning provided by some higher being or creator when we were born. This however, is not about God. It’s about tuning up your individual “system” so you can continue to live, or go back to living, the kind of life that you want to have. And for some of our “followers”, they have said “thank god…it’s about time!”

Tinnitus can be Tamed through Manipulation

But you have got to get in the driver’s seat with it! And how do you do that? In this book, you will learn many techniques that have helped my self and many others just like you. If you let Tinnitus manipulate you, it can be like a wild animal let out of confinement. But, if you learn to manipulate the Tinnitus, you will find that it just might be the best friend you could ever have.

Teaching your Tinnitus

This concept sounds too easy to be true. Not only can you learn to accept Tinnitus as a part of your life but YOU can teach IT to be a part of your life. You can take control by reducing its importance.

Tinnitus can be tamed and manipulated. Tinnitus has incredible power if you give it authority. Think about what Tinnitus has achieved by taking over your life. Why not turn the tables and learn from it? Get yourself in the driver’s seat and take it for a ride. Even if Tinnitus is now steering and powering your “car”, its time to take back the controls.

What you will get & learn in the “My Best Friend Tinnitus” e-book?

  • Tinnitus control strategies
  • How to retrain the brain with Tinnitus exercises
  • Techniques that help you ignore Tinnitus
  • Dealing with the lose of faith in traditional doctors and health care
  • Dealing with including the medical community in your Tinnitus –control effort
  • Situations caused by Tinnitus to avoid
  • Good health and how to act on it every day
  • Recipes and diets
  • Tinnitus treatments and health insurance tips
  • Support groups, services and more
  • Links, resources, hearing impaired devices

Decide today if you want to:

  • Keep your job…we don’t intend to scare you, but for many sufferers, this is a sad truth and a reality
  • Keep your family, or at least relate to them better
  • Keep your health
  • Keep your identity, if not wits
  • Or keep doing what you have been doing, which is live day-to-day while trying to cope with Tinnitus.

Optimism starts today … Notice the good things in life!

Don’t keep feeding the trolls in your mind with this ailment – you are empowered to make Tinnitus work for you.The quicker you realize that you have to start the changes…the quicker you will feel relief on many levels. “My Best Friend Tinnitus” e-book provides you with many techniques that have worked for Tinnitus sufferers.

From the author

“I have written this e-book with the sole intention of helping others overcome what may seem like a one-way road to oblivion. I’ve tried to not use medical terms or jargon, but have provided straight-from-my-heart advice based on my personal, successful experience of retraining my brain and making smart lifestyle choices that have conquered my Tinnitus suffering.”

– MGT-

Isn’t it time for you to turn the table on Tinnitus?

To level the playing field?

To take the controls back and re-claim your life?


  • Testimonial from Kas

    This book has a lot of great information that will motivate a person to change their negative ways. Mark is even better than the book he's been what I've been missing, a COACH to get me through this
    KAS, USA

  • Readers email from Chris James

    Yeah today is a good day... Right now it's loud but I'm not letting it bother me. I"m trying something new.. I can actually ignore it and make it go away. Its the really bad days that are worrying me. I know they will come and I suppose that will be the big test.
    My mission is to habituate this sound. I'm not ever gonna get rid of it but to make it go to the back of my mind where I cant hear it. I'm trying hard to stay tough... it can wear off any minute but I'm gonna
    come right back. You've motivated me to try this. What have I to lose ? Ok Buddy keep in touch. Check in on me every so often.

    Chris.J, 44 Canada

  • Readers email from Brian King

    I look forward to coming home everyday to reading my emails from you. Today at work was a good day. I hear the noise and it's bothersome, but I tell myself "DONT FEED IT DONT FEED IT" and I try to get other things done. This is going to be a slow process, but I'm ready to attack it I'm going to play golf this weekend and go to this banquet regardless of how bad I feel because I want to prove to myself that I can do the things I want to do. I know I have to teach myself to ignore the Tinnitus and left it drift away into oblivion. Trying to think about it brings it back though. This means the noise is dependant on me and not vice versa. Anyway, this is gonna take time to get all this into my thick skull but it's gonna happen. I wish you can come to America and be here... So I can see how you've over come. I'll take you to a basketball game : Hell, i'll buy you a new car if i can fight this tinnitus. take care

    B.King, 30 USA

  • Book review by Vera Knatz

    If you suffer from tinnitus , you just have to read Marks encouraging book. Mark did not surrender when he was diagnosed with a tinnitus. Instead he started to fight in order to get his life back. If not without tinnitus, then with it. Sounds strange I know but it works because he is ready accept tinnitus as a part of his life.
    This is not another medical or psychological book about the origins and healing methods of tinnitus. It is a very honest view about life with tinnitus and will help the readers avoiding making the same mistakes as Mark did and help them get back on track ...... a good und healthy life with your best friend tinnitus.

    I especially like the part about "not feeding the trolls"!

    Vera Knatz, Attorney in Frankfurt Germany

  • Book review by Deborah Bernardy

    The book "My Best Friend........Tinnitus" is a read to remember. Whether you have Tinnitus or some other chronic problem, the book is written with a note of hope and from a place of knowing. Anyone who has suffered, and been ignored by the medical profession when it comes to a chronic illness--will relate to Mark's honesty and view of his own fight. By placing the responsibility for dealing with the problem on your shoulders, Mark takes you on a journey of empowerment--you will walk away better for the journey. Enjoy the read, adjust your mind set and take back your power by befriending your enemy.

    Deborah Bernardy, LCPC Chicago

  • Book Review by Robert Rubin

    Mark's book offers a unique and extremely helpful approach to tinnitus. He defuses the fear and anxiety it can produce, and tells you clearly and simply how to tame it into submission. And he speaks with the authority of someone who has done just that for himself.

    Since contracting tinnitus, I have read everything on the Internet I could find on the subject, and have been to doctors and specialists. But Mark's book has by far provided the most help and encouragement. I recommend it highly.

    Robert Rubin, Connecticut, USA

  • Book review by Susan Lesica

    - Book review by Susan Lesica -

    Sufferers of Tinnitus feel so abandoned once their health care practitioners pronounce them FINE. But are they? Perhaps they do not have some morbid disease and feel relief for awhile knowing that fact. But Tinnitus definitely lingers on and can become an annoyance of cataclysmic proportions when it starts to affect everyday life. For most people with Tinnitus, at some point, it takes grip.
    In Mark's book, he shares his experience of how his Tinnitus began, how it got out of control and how he took back the controls over the ailment. He found solace, and can now recommend therapies, lifestyle revisions and more that can truly make a difference. He even shows a way to make changes in how we perceive this ailment.
    With Mark's book, Tinnitus sufferers can literally shave off years of trial and error or spending money on "cures" that don't work. Let alone the countless hours spent going from doctor to doctor, hoping that someone will have "the cure".
    The cure starts from within, and if you're having a difficult time finding the right road to take, then this book is for you. However, it is not a cure. Because of having no cure for Tinnitus, most people have no other choice but to learn how to live with it. It's like marriage counseling for you and your Tinnitus.

    Susan Lesica, New York, New York

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